This year Ex Oriente can look back to 34 years of successful carpet research. Since 1978 the initial interest for old and antique oriental carpets had been changing strongly into intensive carpet research with the main interest in natural dyestuffs of farmers and nomades from Anatolia. Through modern scientific methods the reconstruction of traditional anatolic dyeing-methods - as they were usual around 1870 in the "Near East" before synthetic dyestuffs entered - has succeeded. Through the results of our carpet research costly dyeingrecipes become redundant.

Since 1987 we have been producing carpets and kilims in villages of West Anatolia with the headquarters in YÜREKLI KÖYÜ in the Bergama region in West Turkey. By reconstructing the ancient dyeing methods we were able to create an unique quality among today`s new productions. To produce our carpets and kilims we exclusively use untreated products from nature. Handcombed and handyarned highland wool as well as saturated natural colours ensure an extraordinarily high quality standard.

We absolutely refuse chemical washing and other finishing processes which are harmful to the environment. Our ways of production are completely comprehensible.

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